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how to shrink the bloated stomach after giving birth

how to shrink the bloated stomach after giving birth

How to shrink the bloated stomach after giving birth - giving birth is a time period that is very important for a mother. However childbirth makes mothers often experience weight gain and stomach so distended and stretched. Of course weight gain is quite dangerous to the health of a mother at risk for gestational diabetes. Is there a way to shrink the stomach and lose weight after childbirth is safe for a mother after giving birth? Of course there is. The following summarize some safe ways for you.

The first way is to do something that the duty of a mother to breastfeed the baby. Breastfeeding not only gives benefit to the baby, but also the mother's own. Breastfeeding a baby can burn up to 200 to 500 calories. By breastfeeding you get the same benefits with exercise swim for several hours and 1 hour of cycling.

The second way is to walk every day. Walking can burn calories in your body. Although not as big as other sports, but walking is one way to lose weight after giving birth is safe for a mother after giving birth. In addition to breastfeeding and walk, the other way is to play with your child often. For example with his arms or strolling using the stroller. Besides that you can lose weight after giving birth you should have enough hours of sleep. As much as possible go to sleep for 7 hours by means stealing opportunity when lull baby to go to sleep. Chicken as well try to sleep as long as there chance.

The third way is to frequently eat fiber. Fiber can complement your needs for foods that are healthy and nutritious. Eating fiber such as fruits and vegetables of course also beneficial to the child. It also multiply to consume protein and healthy fats from fish or lean meat. Additionally, hindariah consume calorie-rich snacks such as chips, water, soda, donuts, cookies you usually eat while watching. Replace your snacks with fruits. The latter often to drink water. Besides being able to refresh the body and keep the body's metabolism of water can also aid digestion and help dispose of substances that are not required by the body. Those are some ways to lose weight after giving birth safely.

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